Partnering with Hildon for a smarter, cleaner fleet

April Fools!

Admit it, we fooled you all! Whilst Hildon would leave our coaches sparkling clean, we wouldn’t recommend wasting it cleaning your pride & joy!

Whether you want to refresh those taste buds, whilst enjoying a special meal, or revitalise and rehydrate yourself and your guests on a sunny afternoon, make it special with the refreshing taste of Hildon.

We’re delighted to announce a brand new partnership between Hildon, award-winning producer of Natural Mineral Water, and Jeakins Coach Travel to provide an even smarter and cleaner fleet of luxurious coaches across Surrey & Greater London.

We’re always looking to improve the presentation of our fleet – already some of the finest on the UK’s roads, to us at least! Looking at how we could add that special sparkle to our coaches, we tested several different cleaning solutions – including using a pure, untreated natural mineral water.

This is where Hildon sparkled – delivering unbelievable levels of cleaning power, their Gently Sparkling Natural Mineral Water left our coaches, well, sparkling!

Hildon’s Natural Mineral Water isn’t just a delicious palette cleanser, it’s great for ensuring our modern fleet of coaches can sparkle brightly across the capital’s roads.

The Quality of Hildon comes from over 50 years of natural filtration through the chalk hills of the Test Valley, deep in the Hampshire countryside. Water doesn’t contain sugar, additives or calories. From leaving the aquifer to filling your glass (or cleaning our coaches), Hildon Natural Mineral Water is not treated or changed except for the gentle carbonation they add to put the sparkle into your Hildon Gently Sparkling.

We’ll be equipping our drivers with cases of our specially branded Hildon Natural Mineral Water so they can keep our fleet sparkling clean whilst on the road. Look out for our cleaner, brighter fleet hitting the roads in the next few weeks!

The newly branded Hildon & Jeakins bottles will be available online, direct from Hildon, shortly.